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  • CLEAR EDGETAB - BAN 016<br />
							Rope through center hole.
    Rope through center hole.
  • CLEAR EDGETABS - BAN 016<br />
							Rope through loop.
    Rope through loop.
  • Use instead of grommets on pop up banner stands.
    Use instead of grommets on pop up banner stands.


Crystal Clear EdgeTabs® are designed to be used as a complement to Crystal Clear PowerTabs when additional fastening points are desired along banner edges. Also, due to their rectangular shape, Crystal Clear EdgeTabs may be used at corners as an alternative which is stronger than Clear Mini PowerTabs, yet less expensive than Crystal Clear Large PowerTabs. Finally, EdgeTabs may be used to reinforce pop-up banner-stand corners.

  • Use along banner edges for additional support.
  • Use at banner corners as a medium duty, lower cost alternative to large tabs.
  • Use to reinforce corners of pop up banner displays.
  • Available on sheets of four tabs. So simple to use your customer can install them!

Product Description

BAN 016 Crystal Clear EdgeTabs
Packaging: 4 tabs per sheet; 25 sheets/bag (100); 5 bags/case (500)
Tab Size: 1.5" x 1.5"
Features: Tab has neck loop like large tabs but closer in cost to mini tabs


Banner Ups EdgeTabs® can be used along the edges of banners when additional fastening points are desired. EdgeTabs® square shape makes them look great along the edges, but also allows you to use them at the corners.
Crystal Clear EdgeTabs® are larger and stronger than the Crystal Clear Mini PowerTabs®. They have the handy "neck loop" for light duty or indoor hanging, just like the Large Crystal Clear PowerTabs®, but they are less expensive, so for jobs not requiring the strength of the largest tabs, they can be a great economical alternative - a one size fits all.

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Click for FREE Catalog and Sample

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  • Banner Ups are super easy to use, and you can’t beat the clear! We have never looked back. Thanks for helping us stay ahead of the competition! Nathan - Pensacola, FL

  • A simple inexpensive solution that works. Jack L. Austin, Tx

  • I love how I don’t need lots of equipment to achieve a durable product. Kevin L. Orlando, FL

  • Thank you so much for the sample kit. I hosted a baby shower on Sunday and printed a banner... Diane H. Ohio

  • We have a customer who purchased a banner from us that was sewn and had grommets every 12 inches, the standard issue banner media. Mark R. Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  • I just wanted to drop a line to tell you - as a first time customer - that I LOVE that POWER TAPE!!! Carol F. Youngstown, Ohio

  • Your product does everything you advertise it will. Melody B. Norco, California

  • Thank you so much!! I love Banner Ups!!! I live in Oklahoma(Very Windy) and I nor others could do our job without Banner Ups!! Amber F. Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Your products were recommended to us by another sign company...holy cow, what a difference it made for our digital banners. Chris M. Webster, NY

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