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Banner Ups, PowerTabs and PowerTape can offer your shop a simple, inexpensive alternative to grommets in fabricating super-strong banners of any length, instantly. Following is a brief description of all our Banner Ups products for your reference.
Forget grommets! Original Banner Ups are still one of our biggest sellers. Made with a foam adhesive, Banner Ups aggressively bond to virtually all banner materials as well as Coroplast, Foamcore, and paper. Use Large Banner Ups (BAN001) for the toughest outdoor banner applications and Mini Banner Ups (BAN002) for indoor or light duty outdoor applications.
Banner Ups unique shape allows them to be applied at different corner angles as well as along the top and sides of banners. For light duty use, just attach rope to the folded neck loop. For tougher jobs, run the rope through the tab center hole. Clear Mini Banner Ups w/Backtab (BAN003) are composed of a clear plastic film with an adhesive tab on the backside which permits adhesion directly to a wall or window surface. Both the white and clear mini Banner Ups are designed for indoor, short term, or light duty outdoor applications.
New generation PowerTabs are made of high strength composite film, which is thinner than but just as strong as original Banner Ups. Their corner-friendly shape and thin profile help them blend inconspicuously into the banner surface. They are available in regular white (BAN 011) for outdoor use, and mini white (BAN 012) for indoor or light duty outdoor use. Run rope through PowerTab end loop for indoor applications, or through the pre-punched tab center hole for outdoor banners.
Crystal Clear PowerTabs (BAN 014) are perfectly transparent and designed for inkjet, digital, and other full color banners. They are virtually invisible after installation. For tough outdoor applications, use PowerTabs together with PowerTape hem reinforcing tape for maximum outdoor strength. Use Crystal Clear Mini PowerTabs (BAN 013) for indoor banners.
New Crystal Clear EdgeTabs (BAN 016) square shape makes them the ideal choice for banner edges when additional fastening points are desired. Measuring 1 1/2" square they may also be used on banner corners as a lower cost alternative to large Crystal Clear PowerTabs for lighter weight applications.
For a low cost hole reinforcement for banner stand graphics, just cut the tab in half and place on the back of banner corners, punch center hole, then place banner stand posts through the hole.

Forget about the hassle of folding over double-sided banner tape to make a banner hem! Made of heavy-duty film, PowerTape (PTAPE8615) takes the place of hemming and grommeting. Simply apply tape over PowerTabs along the top and bottom edges on the back of the banner. After applying the PowerTape, punch holes through the tape, tab center holes, and banner media, then run rope through the hole. In a few minutes, you can create a strong banner of any length without the time and struggle of grommeting, or the risk of damage to the image that post print sewing can cause. PowerTape works best when used in conjunction with PowerTabs.

New MegaTape is a double-sided version of our popular PowerTape product, made with the same super strong film. MegaTape offers the banner make three advantages. First, while PowerTape saves time and makes a super-strong banner, some customers prefer the look of a folded hem, MegaTape allows them to have the strength of PowerTape with a folded hem. Second, more customers are making double-sided banner and they don’t want to see the white PowerTape on the back side. Since MegaTape is folded inside a hem, it is invisible. In fact, with some manipulation of your graphics you can make the backside virtually invisible. See our MegaTape website page for detailed instructions. Finally, MegaTape banners are incredibly strong because they not only have the super strong- MegaTape film, but two layers of banner media to reinforce the banner edge.
  • PowerClips Instant Grommets are Quick and Easy to Install!
  • The harder the pull - the harder the grip!
  • Reusable! No need to cut holes!
  • Available in Mini and Large size.
  • Cuts cleanly through tabs, PowerTape and banner media.
  • Heavy duty performance, yet light weight to handle.
  • Perfectly sized for PowerTabs.
  • Replaceable punch for long life.
E. L. Hatton Sales Co., maker of Banner Ups PowerTabs Adhesive Grommet Tabs, announces introduction of the new PowerPunchTM a heavy duty hand-held punch capable of easily cutting holes in thick banner material.
PowerPunch is designed for heavy duty use. Replacement punches are available to extend life of tool.
"Customers often ask us for recommendations on how to punch holes through the banner corners. Now we have a great solution," explained company president Rick Hatton, "and the PowerPunch will have lots of uses around the shop. It's powerful and durable, but unlike a benchtop grommet press, it is portable and much less expensive."
PowerPunch is used to punch holes through PowerTape, PowerTabs and banner substrates.
PowerPunchTM cuts cleanly through Banner Ups PowerTabs, PowerTape, and heavy duty banner substrates. This innovative tool has a replaceable punch that ensures long term durability far greater than paper punches or single-hole dies, which become dull quickly. Due to its relatively small size and light weight PowerPunchTM is completely portable and significantly lower in cost than benchtop grommet presses. The tool will cut substrates up to 1/8" thick and is properly sized to make center-hole cuts in PowerTabs.
Packaged in convenient dispenser rolls of 2000 tabs. Continuous tab roll is perforated every four tabs.
PolyTabs are much easier to apply than grommets or eyelets, and because they require no special equipment, they may be installed at a fraction of the time and labor cost of grommets. While grommets can easily tear out of banner corners due to wind stress or simply the weight of a display banner, Polytabs spread the load over a much larger area and thus give even the lightest weight media such great strength.
This super strong adhesive goes on like tape but sticks like hot melt glue. Use PoleTape instead of sewing to create dowel pockets for pole banners, or for joining banner media. It may also be used for permanent mounting on wood, rigid plastics, and metal. Available in 1" wide x 35 mil thick, 200ft roll (POLE135) and 1/2" wide x 20 mil thick, 200ft roll (POLE0520), for lighter duty.




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  • Banner Ups are super easy to use, and you can’t beat the clear! We have never looked back. Thanks for helping us stay ahead of the competition! Nathan - Pensacola, FL

  • A simple inexpensive solution that works. Jack L. Austin, Tx

  • I love how I don’t need lots of equipment to achieve a durable product. Kevin L. Orlando, FL

  • Thank you so much for the sample kit. I hosted a baby shower on Sunday and printed a banner... Diane H. Ohio

  • We have a customer who purchased a banner from us that was sewn and had grommets every 12 inches, the standard issue banner media. Mark R. Tuscaloosa, Alabama

  • I just wanted to drop a line to tell you - as a first time customer - that I LOVE that POWER TAPE!!! Carol F. Youngstown, Ohio

  • Your product does everything you advertise it will. Melody B. Norco, California

  • Thank you so much!! I love Banner Ups!!! I live in Oklahoma(Very Windy) and I nor others could do our job without Banner Ups!! Amber F. Tulsa Oklahoma

  • Your products were recommended to us by another sign company...holy cow, what a difference it made for our digital banners. Chris M. Webster, NY

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